You want great-looking windows with state-of-the-art technologies that offer total comfort, guarantee of origin and great price. That's why the eurowindows are here!
Eurowindows is a collective name for wooden windows and sliding doors. We offer windows in two versions. The EURO IV 78 is equipped with a construction depth of 78mm, a depth glazing groove 25mm and a four-layer varnish SIKKENS offer a complex window solution to smaller spaces. In addition, they have a central seal and a varnish achieve maximum durability. The EURO IV 88 Passive have a building depth of 88 and thus better thermal insulation. They are also treated with SIKKENS varnish. In addition, they are equipped with a frame thermo drip and a wing gutter. EURO Sliding doors are simple to operate and look great. Thanks to the shut-off pins, they are very safe and have replaceable travel rails.
Great style, functionality and price
Eurowindows not only look great, but they are also functional and have a very favourable price.