The great tradition of our driving school
Driving School Brno uses state-of-the-art methods to plan training rides. Each of us a new pupil has the opportunity to spin the wheel of Happiness, and get a discount on the odds in varying amounts. From 5% up to 100%. It is a course for all groups of driving schools.
Driving school, which is really experienced in the Czech Republic
Our pupils have the opportunity to comfortably and practically plan their rides online. You can plan your rides from anywhere and anytime. The Prague Driving School offers you a clear schedule. In this online app, you can book your ride comfortably, with only one click.
Modern system
Driving School Brno offers its pupils a modern and convenient system of course planning. We do not hinder technical progress and innovative methods. Our online journey planner will save you time and ease planning. It is not easy to combine the driving school with study or work.