Contains the largest amount of antioxidants

Draught ice cream, every retailer of sweet treats, every confectioner, every stall seller at the pond must count it, if he wants to see at his booth always customers of the layman after refreshment in the days of summer.

It's not ice cream. I'm sure you've tasted those that tasted more than others. As every product and ice cream can have different form, taste and quality. Someone likes to enjoy it in the form of a scoop, someone likes an ice cream called a stick, and for the next it is the right just draught ice cream.
Mlsucking for hot days

A draught ice cream is not just a cool refreshment in the days of a warm summer day, it is certainly not! It can be mlsat at any time of the year, as it is to the taste. It is not better to relax than to sip ice cream and watch it from the window, how nice it rains and blows, or perhaps to enjoy it during the Christmas lounging at the fairy tales.