Before deciding to get home a sofa bed, we really need to know exactly what we expect from it. The staggered bed of the sofa can be fully equal in one model to the usual matrimonial bed, in another model a makeshift bunk can be hidden (for a younger military field bed and for an even younger garden sun lounger). It is so necessary to know if we will use the sofa as a storage room with the fact that the bed is there only in case of an exceptional situation, or whether we will sleep on it every day, because one room from your 2 + KK we donated to children and the other is to serve as a lounge and bedroom Simultaneously.
If we know what we want, we start measuring
As soon as we clearly clarify the purpose of the new couch, we begin to measure the space that should occupy, or, more specifically, the maximum available to us if our housing conditions are dismal.